Pickens Learning Commons Opens at Northern Oklahoma College

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NOC holds grand opening of the Pickens Learning Commons

The grand opening of the Pickens Learning Commons was held at the Vineyard Library-Administration Building at Northern Oklahoma College’s (NOC) Tonkawa location. The Tonkawa Chamber of Commerce was on hand to hold a ribbon cutting for the commons as well. Cutting the ribbon together are Hugh Pickens (holding the scissors) and NOC President Dr. Clark Harris (to the left of Pickens).

A grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony was held for the Pickens Learning Commons located in the Vineyard Library-Administration Building at Northern Oklahoma College’s (NOC) Tonkawa location at 1220 East Grand Avenue on Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 3:30 pm.

The Pickens Learning Commons includes library services, the Cultural Engagement Center (CEC), testing center, tutoring services, career and transfer services, enhanced technology resources, distributed study space, as well as murals by artist Yatika Starr Fields and an art collection from the Hugh and Dr. S. J. Pickens Museum.

This partnership with Pickens and NOC began in 2020 when Hugh Pickens commissioned the 50 foot murals by Yatika Starr Fields in the Cultural Engagement Center at NOC. In April of this year, NOC President Dr. Clark Harris shared the vision of the Tonkawa library and a new contemporary student learning commons with the NOC Board of Regents.

“In doing research on libraries, we found that academic libraries are at a pivotal crossroads at this time. New technologies with the idea that digital resources are the way students now access, changing study habits, and the cost of maintaining a traditional library have just made a major influence on colleges and they had to make this kind of change,” said NOC President Dr. Clark Harris. “With this project, NOC has transformed the library into this amazing student experience.”

The Board of Regents approved the project as well as the naming of the facility. In June, the contract between NOC and the Pickens Museum was renewed, and Pickens commissioned two murals that total 100 foot by 20 foot, once again created by Yatika Starr Fields.

There are over 80 pieces of artwork on display in the Pickens Learning Commons, making it one of the most significant art collections on display at NOC.

The day of the grand opening also coincided with Hugh Pickens’ 73rd birthday with the NOC Roustabouts singing Pickens happy birthday and his favorite dessert: a crème brûlée cake.

“Art can broaden our knowledge, give us enjoyment, and challenge our assumptions. Art can also help soothe, calm, enlighten, and uplift our minds and spirits. Even art that leaves us uncomfortable can still help us to think differently and give us new perspectives,” said Hugh Pickens. “Art gives meaning to our lives and helps us understand our world. Art is an essential part of our culture because it allows us to have a deeper understanding of our emotions. It increases our self-awareness and allows us to be open to new ideas and experiences. Art continues to open our minds and our hearts, and shows us what can be possible in our world. Art can open our eyes to a bigger world out there, art can change your life.”

The Tonkawa Chamber of Commerce was on hand to hold a ribbon cutting for the commons to close out the event.

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